Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Step Three - Attempt to woo twitter users with tweets

Yesterday and today I blasted a few tweets out in sudden thought that I might attract some voracious readers to buy my book.

I have never taken to Twitter, in fact I always thought it was daft to send inane thoughts out into the ether. However, many people have recommended such a path to create awareness, so in good faith I laid aside my apathetic view and tweeted.

After a few tweets along the lines of 'flash sale of 'Fall of tbe Suns' now on at Google Play' I was instantly rewarded by loads of beeping responses. Unfortunately, most of these responses appeared to be 'paid for' promotion sites, with extremely dubious credentials. They all appeared to want me to open my wallet for ........ erm, them to tweet for me?

I have therefore decided that shameless self-promotion via the Twitter platform, whilst perhaps having some debatable merit for others, is perhaps not for me.

Two days wasted.

Monday, November 24, 2014

Step Two - Create a Flash Sale on Google Publisher

As my novel is now accepted onto Google Play/Books then a promotional price can be entered. To create a promotion is similar to navigating a minefield but I eventually managed to get to the other side.

Google use CSV files ?!?! Dates are provided for when the flash sale will occur on the website. Then, upload a completed CSV file (why they do it this way I have no idea) with the 'flash sale' lower price and details of the countries in which the promotion will occur. My first promotion is a 'flash sale' between the dates of the 25 to the 27th November and in the US and Britain only. Lets see if 'Fall of the Suns' sells any copies ..............

Lets see what happens. I feel that this is a bit like giving away ones hard work but ........ as a start to title promotion I guess this is the way that it is done. Or perhaps it is doing it the Google way.

Step One - PDF Version of 'Fall of the Suns'

As a result of a customers suggestion the novel 'Fall of the Suns' has now been made available in PDF format direct from this blog as per the Paypal gateway below.

After payment is made a download page will be provided to obtain a copy of the novel for reading on your computer in PDF format.

Sunday, November 23, 2014

The Budding Writers Hard Work at the Promotion Stage

When I wrote 'Fall of the Suns' it was easy. The actual writing part involved a brief flurry at the computer as I traversed various airports and sat in bland hotel rooms waiting for a taxi's, room service or time to checkout.

The brief flurry was in fact a series of brief flurries but the point is that the writing experience was enjoyable and that at no point along the way would I suggest that 'hard work' was involved. I love to write.

Conversely, trying to get the book published and more-so noticed is 'hard work'. In fact, the work involved is akin to a large hole on a narrow path, a veritable chasm blocking progress to writing the next book. Getting published is a series of hurdles to clamber over, not erected by traditional publishers who I have completely ignored for various other reasons, but from self-publishing arenas.

Every self-publishing platform e.g. AMAZON/Kindle, Google Play, CreateSpace, Smashwords, et al, all have their own pernickety requirements many of which are indefinable and can only be tackled one-by-one-by one until eventually the computer scripts allows for the next stage to be broached.
Then after the platform finally stops erecting assault course style hurdles and when they finally accede acceptance of the finished manuscript then the real hard work begins. Imagine if you may that you have just managed to self publish your novel. It's out there in the jungle waiting to be noticed. In reality though, it is sitting under an enormous mountain of books, competing against best-sellers, against authors who have agents, against known series, against authors who have multiple books out and against marketers who are professionals. In reality the chance of your little book getting noticed is about as likely as an elephant finding the proverbial needle in the hay stack.

So, what to do?

My Novel 'Fall of the Suns, is now published. It is readily available in print and digitally as an epub, kindle ebook, etc. I know that because I worked through the self-publishing hurdles and I have constantly checked that the book is available on-line by repetitively checking the sites - inanely so. I have also ordered myself some print copies, partly for vanity but also to check that the printers are working. My novel is out there in the big wide world but covered by a million books with no daylight showing.

Over the next few weeks, I am going to start the long road of promotion, to boost sales (or at least attempt to sell a copy or two) and in the process I will document this journey and its success (or lack of it).

I have no idea how to start this journey off (apart from telling a few friends about my book and morally forcing them to buy a copy) and I will try to document the results here, on this blog, for all to read and hopefully learn from - but first I must find out where to start.

I guess that now the real hard work starts. Watch out for steps, one, two, three ....

Novel 'Fall of the Suns' is now available

The acclaimed Novel, 'Fall of the Suns' by Ieuan Dolby, is now available at the following locations:

In print at Createspace
In Print and for Kindle (UK) at AMAZON UK 
(for other countries conduct search with title)

In various other Ebook formats at Smashwords
In Google Books/Play - to be advised.

Reviews are welcome at any of these sites and/or please email me with your review for inclusion on my website.

A sequel (part 2), titled "A Ray of Hope" is currently in the pipeline.

Thursday, November 20, 2014

Fall of the Suns

My new novel is now published titled 'Fall of the Suns'.

It's been hard work - not the writing as that was easy - but self-publishing the works as an ebook and in print.

I always thought that writing a novel was the hard part, the publishing an easy end. It is in fact the other way around. It is though nearly there and as soon as I get my last act together I will place the direct links to those sites were the book can be purchased and were printed copies can be ordered.

Further information on this finisged novel can be held at my website, Ieuan Dolby

Tuesday, July 30, 2013

The Price of Building Cheap Ships in China

For over a decade thousands of large ships have been built in China on the pure basis of 'cheap' over quality. Today, many of those vessels are now little more than rusting hulks, in far worse condition than many ships three times their age.

The photograph below is only one example of many, pipes ripped out of a tankers steam heating system due to corrosion - the vessel was only three years old.

The price of building cheap in China

Friday, July 26, 2013

Monday, July 22, 2013

Fishing Boat in Belawan, Indonesia

It looks like ten guys on this fishing trawler in Medan, Indonesia + the guy steering so that's at least eleven! Already two more crew members then some large bulk carriers sailing the seven seas!

How many can you count ............

Fishing Trawler in Belawan, Indonesia