Thursday, January 01, 2015

New Start - New Year 2015 - Happy New Year

The first day of the New Year started in good order. I managed to sleep-in.

On the matter of new year resolutions I have made none. The reason for this is that I have various outstanding from 2014 so ...... erm, anyway, to write, to write some more and well, to write even more than that.

Okay - some for 2015 - to see the completion of the crime fiction 'Ray of Hope', upload/edit more Silas E Parks memoirs and to stop getting involved in reading inane Tweets. Also, if none of the publishers accept 'Fall of the Suns' [16 submissions made in December 2014] then to submit to a whole shed load more.

Happy New Year folks.

Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Step Thirteen - Find a real job and submit to traditional publishers

I admit that my marketing skills are not producing the required results. Having said that, perhaps I am being too harsh on myself as it is only three or so weeks since I finished the book and self-published it.

Yesterday I decided that I should return to the original plan and find an agent for the road ahead despite vowing that I would never do so. So, in true style of speed and efficiency I found some agents and I duly sent off my manuscript to them (or the first three chapters or the first fifty pages or the first eight pages, etc etc).

Now I have to wait those dutiful 6-8-10-12 weeks to hear back from them - if at all.

"Dear Sir

Whilst we thoroughly enjoyed not reading your book, it still does not fit into our current catalog"

Your sincerely

 A completely non-interested agent"

I have also decided that I need to return to the bottom of the ladder. Okay, I have a book finished and self-published but who am I? I am still an unknown writer. So, I shall return back to the drawing board.

I plan now to make a name for myself, come hell or high water, although the "HOW" bit still remains elusive.

Monday, December 08, 2014

Step Twelve - Wake up and decide to start a web design company for no apparant reason

This morning, after wandering how to get a book published and marketed I decided that I should set-up a web design company.

My theory is: if I have to climb mountains to get my work marketed under time-consuming self-boiled steam why then can I not do it for others for small stipend? reasonable low cost and to help budding authors and personal website owners crank a beloved career or project into action.

So, enter the stage Ease Web a website creation company could confuse but then I am an ex-seafarer (now author) with enormous understanding of the business so why not?

So now, with nobody finding my book at the bottom of the pile, what are the chances of this website being found?

Friday, December 05, 2014

Step Eleven - Upload some short stories from the Series: Memoirs of Silas E Parks

So, I have edited and partly rewritten two of the Memoirs of Silas E Parks. I have also made these available for free read at my webiste.

The Two stories of a current potential of 12 stories are:

No1. The Incredible Fart and
No10. The Christmas Speech

Lets see if they draw any avid readers.

Wednesday, December 03, 2014

Step Ten - Languishing Sales

It has been a tough week so far. The realization that my published work has not in-fact been read by anybody apart from those 'told' to buy the book - family members and friends - is sufficient cause for despondency to set-in like fast drying concrete.

I can see clearly how it all works now. One book sale increases rank considerably, one review boosts it higher. I am though unable to plead with my friends and family to write reviews (on Amazon no-less) - this approach feels unethical, the book not flying on its own merit. I could also sign up for other fictional amazon accounts and write my own reviews - as I'm sure many authors do but again this is not how I would want to approach this.

 So, as my book remains unsold, the only consolation is that it languishes not because it is no good but because nobody has bothered to buy it and write a review.

My current next step on the marketing trail is to ignore the book for a while and to concentrate on uploading/editing/writing the other work that I have piling up.

Next week - back to the marketing trail with renewed vigor perhaps?

I am not ready to give up yet on the self-publishing trail. Even a lack of sales is insufficient momentum to seek endless rejection letters from the traditional publishers.

Friday, November 28, 2014

Step Nine - Realise that the 30 day writing challenge started on 1st Nov

After writing 999 words for my new novel, I realised that the Wattpad challenge started on the 1st November.

That effectively leaves me with erm, two days to get 49,001 words into a readable script.

In my own words, 'that ain't going to happen'.

So, Simon and his Sea Disaster, possibly renamed to Simon's Maritime Disaster will build-up at my website of Ieuan Dolby